About Me



Hello! I’m Katherine Humphreys.

I’m a twenty-eight year old Florida transplant living in Seattle with my fiancé and our three cats.

While in Florida, my fiancé and I came to the conclusion that we were stuck. We were stuck in a pattern that we didn’t want to be in. Something like Alice falling through the rabbit hole, letting herself be shuffled around, without much say in where she was heading.

So we landed on our feet and moved to Seattle with nothing lined up ahead of us. We decided to rip ourselves from our comfort zone and plunge into the great Pacific North West in search of ourselves.

Eventually, time and the quiet stillness of feeling alone in a new place crept in. In my darkest hour, I did what I always do: I started writing.

A Mindful March was created to record a time of growth, of self-exploration, of mindfulness.

Welcome to the March.